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MDC ATMS Future Enhancements


The next phase in the MDATMS is to proceed with full county-wide deployment of the MD-ATMS. In this deployment, the current NEMA traffic controllers will be replaced with newer Type 170 traffic controllers to provide additional functionality. There are also intentions to upgrade the current analog modems to digital modems. This will allow for faster data transfer rates.

Eventually the system will be converted and increased data transfer rates. The conversion to a wireless Ethernet network will enhance the current system, enabling operators to connect to and manage controllers in the network using hand-held mobile devices. It also lays the foundation for the integration of additional devices into the network that can be managed by the system such as wireless Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras for monitoring intersections.

  • Throughout 2011, minor bugs will be worked out of the existing software and communication systems and various enhancements will be implemented.
  • Starting in 2012, Phase III of the ATMS project will begin and include the following enhancements:
    • major communication system improvements
    • evaluation of traffic adaptive algorithms
    • deployment of a countywide bus priority system
    • enhancement of the emergency vehicle preemption system
    • expansion of the video surveillance system
    • integration of the maintenance dispatch system with the ATMS

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